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Baked Taco Shells {A #Quicky}

Alright tacos as a staple in my home, and though I disagree , FUNDAMENTALLY, with the stance that crunchy tacos are king, everyone in my life thinks crunchy tacos are king :'(. Now don’t get me wrong, I love crunchy tacos as much as anyone. But a soft tortilla is my preferred delivery method for taco type fillings.

I cant say I’m a fan of how up to half of those store bought shells are always broken, and why is it the nutrition facts on a pack of corn tortillas is not entirely terrible, but a pack of shells is like a sodium bomb waiting to go off in your face. Not to mention that a 30 pack of Corn tortillas cost like $2 and a pack of 8 taco shells cost like $3.

So I make my own, and I do them in various ways depending on how I’m feeling and what i want that day.  I do dorados when I can, or just fry my shells myself.  but usually I like to bake my shells, if nothing else it gives me that wide mouthed taco shell effect.

The Ingredients:

Corn Tortillas, White or Yellow your choice
Vegetable oil

The Instructions:
Preheat oven to 300 degrees or so,
Warm your Tortillason a pan,
Drape Tortillas over the rack of you oven,
Bake for about 15-20 minutes,
Fill with meat, Veggies or whatever your heart desires,
Enjoy Tacos.

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