Ramen at home, a general overview.

I know most people hear ramen and they think…


I do not, I think of a Chinese noodle dish that made its way to many other Asian nations and taste freaking delicious. First off you pick whatever you are going to be putting into your soup, and yes ramen is a soup, I have seen people just eat the noodles and if that’s your thing cool, but its not my thing.  Prepare your Ramen Eggs and get some water boiling.

The Ingredients:
Ramen or somen noodles
Veggies chopped to bite size (I had asparagus, Matchstick carrots, Sweet peas, and some random greens)
Broth (Homemade if at all possible)
You Ramen Shop Eggs
Tsp seasame oil

The instructions :
Get your broth going first, the longer it has to steep and do its thing the tastier it will be. I use a boxed chicken broth and add green onion, ginger, garlic and soy sauce to get the flavor I like.  I have used veggie broth and it works quite nicely too.

While that’s doing its thing, chop any veg that needs chopping, set them aside.  Next cook off any meat you will be using, if you will be using meat, in my case I used two boneless skinless chicken thighs, I seasoned them with salt and pepper and cooked them in a dry pan.  The thighs have some fat on them so I don’t usually add anything to them, the pan will lube its self as they cook.  While the meat is cooking get your water for your noodles boiling, I find starting the water in an electric kettle and transferring it to the pan saves a bunch of time.  Once the meat is cooked through set it on a cutting board and slice it into strips.

From this point things go really quick.  Toss your noodles in the water, fresh should cook in a few minutes, dry in about 5. Get a big bowl read and waiting to serve all that noodley goodness in

Once the noodles are done to your liking place them at the bottom of the bowl and toss with a little sesame oil. Guys i do mean little, sesame oils goes a long long way with only a few drops. Begin layering in all the goodness. When they are all in top off with your broth and drop in a Ramen Shop Egg or two. You are ready to dine or some fine ramen.






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